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Shoe Rack Closed There were many victims, coming from her guiltless deceit. One particular victim, was the up-shot dental professional, David Stegall, who was trained in Los Angeles and must have been a regular dentist for high-status Hollywood stars. Stegall possessed a compulsion towards, Cadillacs, large homes and quite women. Sandra noticed some thing she liked about Stegall, and by the year 1967 the girl had married him. Inside the first few years after the relationship, the couple began to increase a family, and soon acquired 3 daughters, Britt, Kathryn and Emily. The family loved a high-class lifestyle in addition to lived in a most desired Dallas neighbourhood.

Sandra's flavor and passion for the finer items were even more profound compared to her husbands, and desite the massive salary and trustworthiness of Stegall, Sandra's tastes have been beginning to strain and taking family to the brink. Sandra was a connoisseur of many issues, she loved beautiful a muslim and expensive furnishings. Through the year 1974, the couple's marriage was in turmoil and also the family was in severe financial debt, forcing Stegall to financial loan a substantial sum of money from their father to pay off a number of the significant bills.

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