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Rack Room Shoes Alabaster Al Bridewell managed to graduate high school in the year of 62. As a high school student, she'd rarely date, however following graduation, she soon started dating a series of different males. She was extreamly sexy, many of the men became completely smitten with, what a later on friend would describe as, "her, 'lady-like', 'poor-helpless-me' routine". Bridewell attended junior college for a solitary year, it seems Bridewell got already decided her objectives, she wanted to marry directly into money.

For Sandra to attain her intentions, she commenced living a life, full of deception and deceit. She'd tell some friends, which both of her adoptive mom and dad were killed. She would inform some others she was child to Irish aristocrats. The most typical deceit that she combined with regularity, was the "West Stage Boyfriend", this entailed the storyplot of a boyfriend who photo himself while she lay next to him in a vehicle.

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