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Macys Shoe Rack The real happenings of what ensued over the next several hours have not been determined. What is recognized is, Rehrig was situated slumped over in his Intemperante in Oklahoma. The have been vast gunshot wounds to help both the head and the upper body. It was also determined in which Rehrig has in fact already been driven all the way to Oklahoma. The actual death of Rehrig seemed to be heavily scrutinised, Sandra had been suspected of his killing, however nothing could be fastened on the woman who had turn out to be known around Dallas because the, "Black Widow". Her temperament under interrogation could be described as coy, almost playful. There was a total switch in conduct from the "Black Widow", as well as she became completely uncooperative, refusing anyone to talk to the two her and her kids.

If there was any sadness towards her husbands dying, then it was being concealed well. Sandra, was scrimping on funeral expenses, choosing the most in-expensive casket feasible for Rehrig and then convincing the woman friends to cover the funeral costs. On the day of the services, she arrived late, outfitted head to foot in a wealthy mink coat. This was a reasonable expense, Rehrig's death possessed provided her with a $220, 000 life insurance claim, decreased straight into her bank account.

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