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Cute Shoe Rack She began to build a reputable reputation around the local community, in addition to spoke several times at a nearby women's club. Sandra after that began the process of acquiring the financial situation of the Moseley's. She collected tax records, collected the woman Social Security payments into another account, siphoned off home loan money, created credit costs and used Mosele's banking account to fund her personal costs, including spa treatments as well as expensive shoes.

Jim before long became suspicious of the new housekeeper, and early in 3 years ago, he stumbled upon a size newspaper story in a Dallas publication, chronicling the uses of her life. John, working alongside the police, for a front man in a trick, aided the arrest from the "Black Widow", on second March 2007 in a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The storyplot of Sandra Bridewell culminates with numerous charges below her name. She had been committed of, identity scams, fraud, mail theft and also Social Security fraud. Following the arrest and the heavy promotion, the police took a restored interest in the death connected with Rehrig and the police associated with Oklahoma City, pour more sources and more manpower towards the situation.

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